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Robinia pseudo 'Umbraculifera' - Mophead

Common Name: Mophead Robinia

Height at maturity: 5m (20 years)

Pot size available: 425mm

A very tough 'globe-headed' standard that makes a formal specimen that can be clipped to shape. Can be planted alone or in groups in difficult areas such as small gardens, streets, malls and parks where space is restricted.A dense, rounded head of fine branches. Propagated onto an approximate 1.8 metre 'standard'.Adaptable to a wide range of soils and site conditions including moderate drought, heat, air pollution, poor and/or slightly saline soils and coastal areas. Prefers a moist well drained soil and full sun. Does not like excessively wet positions. May be clipped for formal hedging. Prune in late summer if desired. Generally pest and disease free. The root system has nodules containing nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which is beneficial to both plant and soil. Propagated onto Robinia pseudoacacia that has a propensity to sucker. The suckers have a pair of large thorns at the base of every leaf.

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