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Dianella revoluta 'Blue Stream'

Common Name: Dwarf Blue Flax lily

Height at maturity: 70cm

Pot size available: 140mm

Blue Stream™ offers the landscape designer an interesting colour option of a light blue foliage, which is a perfect contrast to the typical green landscape. The broad foliage and clump forming habit ensures good colour when planted enmass or individually. This vigorous variety quickly forms a dense clump, producing many side shoots that emerge from the ground around the plant base. The overall appearance is an attractive blue/green tuft.
Blue Stream is ideal for creating dramatic clumps planted 0.5m back from the garden edge. Great for contrasting with clipped hedges and shrubs. Plant in well drained soil. In pots - Use 2 or 3 plants in a 30cm patio pot for an instant full look. Blue Stream™ is very hardy, drought tolerant and low maintenance. In late spring a multitude of royal blue berries provide a spectacular display just above the foliage.

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