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Aloe-Aloe Spots N Dots TM

Spots ’n Dots ™ (Aloe Hybrid ‘LEO 6132’ )

A unique and sought after small to medium sized tough sun perennial for Australian gardens, not just for its flowering but for its special leaf form.  The beautifully shaped greyish leaves contain numerous ‘spots and dots’, even more on the underside than the upper surface. Established plants are capable of putting on an amazing show of red-to-yellow bi-coloured flowers from early autumn and through winter
  • Best in full sun or part sun
  • Red to yellow bicoloured flowers
  • High rain tolerance
  • Mature to 40cm high and 30cm wide
  • Floral display from late summer through to late winter
  • Stemless
  • Medium frost tolerant- protect from severe frost
  • Bird attracting
  • Tolerates hot and dry conditions
  • Grows well in a pot or “en-mass’ as a bedding plant
  • Requires free draining soil
Spots ’n Dots™ is a trade name and not a cultivar name.
The botanical and cultivar names of this plant are Aloe hybrid ‘LEO 6132′
‘The trademark Spots ’n Dots™ is owned by Aloe-Aloe Horticulture Pty Ltd