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Aloe-Aloe Sirius TM

Aloe  ‘Sirius’™ (Aloe hybrid ‘LEO 3718’)

A good flower production of upright orange flower spikes in late winter from this medium sized green leafed hybrid aloe – great for mass plantings or in a pot.

    • Grows to approximately 50cm x 50cm
    • Clumping
    • Full sun
    • Light frost tolerance
    • Low rain tolerance (in warm conditions)
    • Do not overwater particularly in summer
    • Requires very free draining soil
    • Not recommended for tropical regions (Qld & NT)

‘Sirius™’ is a trade name and not a cultivar name.

The botanical and cultivar names of this plant are Aloe hybrid ‘LEO 3718’

‘The trademark Sirius™ is owned by Aloe-Aloe Horticulture Pty