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Aloe-Aloe Ivory Dawn TM

Ivory Dawn™  (Aloe Hybrid ‘LEO 4744’)

One of the true ‘repeaters’- instead of a flush of colour for a relatively short period of time, this sun perennial will spread its bicoloured (reddish pink-to-ivory ) coloured flowers over twelve months with a mature plant having up to 5 separate flushes of flowers. Great for birds as a large group planting is unlikely to ever be without flowers. The plant is stemless and forms a rosette of nicely shaped, smooth green leaves.

  • Grows to approximately 80cm x 100cm
  • No fixed flowering time-able to flower at any time during the year
  • Full sun
  • Medium to high frost tolerance
  • Prefers occasional watering, particularly in summer

™ The trademark Ivory Dawn™ is owned by Aloe-Aloe Horticulture Pty Ltd

‘Ivory Dawn’ is a trade name and not a cultivar name.The botanical and cultivar names of this plant are Aloe hybrid ‘LEO4744’